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Product Datasheets

It is a legal requirement for you to have a copy of a MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) for any Trafalgar product that you use. Please find up to date copies here which can be down loaded.

If there is a product missing, please call the office on 01278 431310 where they will forward a copy to you

380040110 Lemon Odour Fogger.pdf
380070100 Silver Wheel.pdf
380070110 Silver Alloy.pdf
380070300 Satin Black Paint.pdf
380070600 Strawberry Dash Dressing.pdf
380070610 Lemon Dash Dressing.pdf
3800706SF Bodyshop Dash Dressing.pdf
380070800 Apple Foam Cleaner.pdf
380071000 Spray Polish.pdf
380071100 Clear Vision.pdf
380071200 Foaming Tyre Dressing.pdf
380071600 MW40.pdf
380071900 Silicone Spray Lubricant.pdf
380072400 White Grease.pdf
380073000 Cranberry Air Fresh.pdf
3800x0100 CTFR.pdf
3800x0111 HD TFR.pdf
3800x0120 Rapier.pdf
3800x0130 Coldwash.pdf
3800x0200 Waterless wash.pdf
3800x0410 Matchless TFR.pdf
3800x051C Concentrated Grimefighter.pdf
3800x051N Neutural Gimefighter.pdf
3800x0610 HD Polymer Dewax.pdf
3800x1100 Wheel Cleaner.pdf
3800x1120 Total Wheel Cleaner.pdf
3800x1130 Fall Out Remover.pdf
3800x1140 Non-Acidic Wheel Cleaner.pdf
3800x1150 Reactive Wheel Cleaner.pdf
3800x1160 Alloy Wheel Cleaner.pdf
3800x1210 Multi Surface Sanitiser.pdf
3800x1220 Traf 22.pdf
3800x1310 Conc Car Shampoo.pdf
3800x1410 Shamwax.pdf
3800x1500 HDUC.pdf
3800x1500 Heavy Duty Upholstery Cleaner.pdf
3800x1510 Fabric Cleaner.pdf
3800x1600 Super Polish.pdf
3800x1610 Pre-Sale Polish.pdf
3800x1620 Perfect Wax Polish.pdf
3800x1630 Quick Polish.pdf
3800x1700 Showroom Polish.pdf
3800x1800 Universal Polish.pdf
3800x1900 Classic Polish.pdf
3800x1910 Long Life polish.pdf
3800x1920 Glaze Sealant.pdf
3800x2010 Sil-Free Polish.pdf
3800x2100 Medium Compound.pdf
3800x2120 Fine Compound.pdf
3800x2420 Rapid Glass.pdf
3800x2610 Glass Cleaner.pdf
3800x2620 Window Cleaner.pdf
3800x2720 Tyre Bright NSD.pdf
3800x2740 Non Silicone Dressing.pdf
3800x2810 SRD.pdf
3800x2820 Resurrect.pdf
3800x2910 T Sheen.pdf
3800x2920 Lush.pdf
3800x2930 Enhance.pdf
3800x3000 Exterior Plastic Dressing.pdf
3800x3030 Plastic & Engine Dressing.pdf
3800x3040 Plastic Restorer.pdf
3800x3100 Spotting Solvent.pdf
3800x3400 Tar & Glue Remover.pdf
3800x3420 Vinyl Off Glue Remover.pdf
3800x3520 Leather Dressing.pdf
3800x3700 Black Dye.pdf
3800x3900 Vanilla Air Fresh.pdf
3800x3910 Melon Air Fresh.pdf
3800x3920 Leather Air Fresh.pdf
3800x4000 Descaling Acid.pdf
3800x4200 Windscreen Wash Deicer.pdf
3800x5000 Conc Deodouriser.pdf
3800x9200 Super Wax Rinse.pdf
3800x9210 Non-Silicone Super Wax Rinse.pdf
3800x9220 High Gloss Rinse aid.pdf
3800x9600 Lemon Deodoriser.pdf
Farecla Fast Track Universal Compound - FTU101 - English.pdf
Farecla G10 Finishing Compound -.pdf
Farecla G3 Advanced Liquid Compound -.pdf
Farecla Glaze.pdf